Wednesday, June 17, 2015

here's my new rainbow "confetti hair!"

Welp, you done did it again. Voted on a hairstyle/color for me to go for.. and I did it.

You wanted the purple/pink/little bit of blue mix from the options, and I wanted a little bit of bright/blonde still incorporated because... summer. The amazing Ruby Devine worked some serious magic that even she was impressed with.


The before and after makes me cringe... I didn't think my hair fade looked that bad before. Oy. 

She called it "confetti hair" which totally fits not only because I got it done on my birthday, but because different colors show through depending on where my hair is falling. You can see all the colors in this one, for sure. 

And then BOOM! It's hot pink!

Keeping those blonde streaks in there is where the real magic happened. It's obviously not easy to stop the colors from bleeding onto the blank canvas. 

It was definitely a long process... but I'm glad it was because my hair is still in good shape even after bleaching it. Look at this horrid color of strawberry blonde that it was for a bit: 

I'm pretty excited about it, and everyone has been loving it so far. It's shocking, it's weird, it's scary... but it feels pretty me. Now I need to find a new wardrobe so I have things that actually go with rainbow hair.....

Also, I need to give some attention to all the surprises I got on my birthday. As I get older, I don't get any less excited for my birthday, but I certainly expect less from others. People seem to care less about birthdays in general, and it's hard to get them to commit to parties or anything. When i had all of these things happen, I was genuinely shocked and so, so happy. I don't even know if happy is a word to describe it. 

I had a neighbor decorate my apartment and bring cupcakes to the studio, coworkers who covered my office in balloons and wrote all over my car, other neighbors who got me a cake and drank with me the night before, parents who sent me "fun flowers," and Toby Knapp who got me the necessary vodka. Even Kane called me live from the morning show. Blown away. 

And of course all the love online and on my phone and everything- I'm still catching up on responding to everyone. It's such a great excuse to catch up with some people and tell them I love/miss them. Thank you to everyone who made this birthday great- even though it's not over until the party on Saturday!


PS Ruby is a total hairstylist celeb and Periscopes during transformations and puts up all of her magical pieces of art online, so you should at least follow her if you're not going to book an appointment! ;)

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