Thursday, July 24, 2014

wearing: my los angeles style

Great news! I survived my first trip to LA without getting arrested for stalking a celebrity!

I'll have a whole post of all the fun things I did coming up, but first I thought I'd do a round-up of some of my outfits. 

I swore it'd be easy to have all these awesome outfit pics around the city, but I did most of my traveling alone, and when I wasn't, I was too busy having fun to pause for a photoshoot. These will have to do, my dears. 

Before we get started, I'd like to point out that each outfit is under $50 total and I'm hella proud of that.

For traveling TO the city: 

If you're ever traveling- WEAR A MAXI. It's the most comfortable thing ever and you'll feel like you're naked under a blanket while trying to sleep on a plane. 
-Dress from TJ Maxx
-sandals from Papaya
-all brown jewelry from BlueLans
-entire outfit cost under $35. 

Day of meetings and exploring: 

I wanted to look fun but not show too much for my meeting, and this tank is one of my new go-to's! 
-tank from TJ Maxx
-pants from H&M [for $5!!]
-sandals from Charlotte Russe
-earrings from BlueLans
-sunglasses from the streets of LA

For a night out at the clurb: 

I was a bit shocked by how cold it gets in LA as soon as the sun goes down! My legs are meaty enough to handle it, but my arms freeze, so this worked! It's 100% see-through lace in the back, and I thought the wedges were fun to roughen up the lace/gold earrings. [Even though I still have a love/hate relationship with these shoes]
-top and shorts from Forever21

For Disneyland: 

Disney [or any theme park] calls for something comfortable, but fun. I decided to try a little monochromatic look with some blingage. 
-gold studs and necklace from BlueLans
-top from Ross
-shorts [that are a light coral/pink color] from H&M
-sandals from Charlotte Russe

I stressed for a long time trying to come up with really stylish outfits to bring, but I didn't even wear most of this. It's true that anything goes in Los Angeles, but the biggest lesson I learned/did not prepare for was to always have a jacket ready to go once 8:00 hits. Now it makes sense why the celebs are always wearing long sleeves or pants even though the weather is always nice there.

Also... no matter what you wear, you'll probably look better than any celebs you stumble upon... but more on that later.


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