Thursday, July 31, 2014

video: plogerpalooza in 30 seconds

My blogging is all sortsa out of order from real life right now! I've been trying to get as much done in the small amounts of time I have each day, so chronology is not something I'm worried about. [It's currently my 12th hour in the office for the day after 16 spent here yesterday. Not complaining because I know I love my job and I'll have a reckless weekend to make up for it, but this is the excuse I use for lack of blogs.]

Do I still have ya? Okay, phew. That was close. ANYWAY.

I've shared things from Plogerpalooza before. It's my family's epic annual party. Multiple bands. Yard games. 200+ Jello shots. Belly flops. Rocket car racing. A moonbounce to sleep in. Classy white trash dancing in the driveway. And this year- coozies and a "photobooth."

My brother finally edited his first GoPro video to show ya some of the fun, but the truth is: No video will ever do it justice.

Here's a look at my ghetto DIY photobooth. Some streamers, a tripod, a camera with a timer, and all sorts of props in the box beside it. 

As always, so many props to my parents who are forever young and know how to throw a good party... and obviously taught me my ways of living! :)


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