Thursday, February 20, 2014

what ya wearin valentine's day

Well... I thought I had posted this already... I must have dreamt it.

I really do miss seeing all of your outfits every week. It's a little bit of depression to start out every Wednesday... but I'll definitely be bringing it back for every holiday- so count on it!

Valentine's Day normally involves people getting really pretty or done up, or looking really hott... depending on your relationship status. What I failed to realize- it's one day that people are slightly selfless. Instead of showing off themselves, they're showing off what their boo has done for them. Still, some of you shared your looks with me!

Let's get to it!

@anroderick's makeup and hair looked flawless, but that scarf! Something seemed special about it.. and she told me it was actually made from flannel pj's!!

 I love @acarles  touches of leather and pink to lighten it all up.

DAYUM, check out @l0vedreamwish's  leg [and cleavage!] coming out of that dress!

@m_cleave and her man both looked clean and sexy.

A little bit of floral and a little bit of rock on @muchachamary for a lot of perfection!

@bhensleyy had some pretty nail art!

I'm all about the red and polka dots on Valentine's Day, like @nicolegoesbynikki!

Also enjoy the simplicity but perfect color combo of @_8th_wonder's outfit!

SO much yes to @curly_kaay and her twin's matching outfits! A touch of 90s in there...

And I also forgot to take a full picture, but I had to wear this flower/heart tank I got from my swap party, and of course the red jeans... so I just topped it off with a brown cardigan I got many years ago and brown boots you can't see. [Damn snow preventing me from wearing pumps or even flats]

I tried to do a lot of things to my nails and failed at them all, so resorted to this red and pink ombre... but I like this so much better than anything I even attempted, so I ain't mad!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day! I hope you got spoiled... even if you spoiled yourself.


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