Wednesday, February 19, 2014

my new home: the difference new curtains make

I keep promising that I'll post all the changes I've been trying to make around this new apartment, but... well... I have an online shopping problem.. and boxes are constantly everywhere and as soon as I "finish" one "project," another one pops up.

I gave this little peek on Instagram a while ago...

The TV stand still needs drawers or doors, but every time I go to IKEA, I get the wrong size- go figure. The second biggest change in that room were the curtains, though. This apartment came with gross-gold drapes, and I knew they were hideous, but I didn't realize how much they can change a room until I experimented in my bedroom.

[Before I go and show you these, you need to know that this room will be my biggest project. So much of my furniture is from my sophomore year of college. It's been through eight moves. I finally got my first big girl bed, though!]

How ICK, right?!

Loved this pattern when I put it up against my yellow striped comforter, but the shorter length was a bigger deal than I expected.

I put these college-curtains up just in the meantime, and figured I'd show another big difference. 

And here's my final decision [for now]. Look how much better the darker contrast and long lengths look!

Now I just need to rearrange everything so I like it even more. I've been using this website to experiment, but haven't figured out anything I like yet. The interesting part: It's the exact same dimensions as my room in Texas! 

Curtains have to be the best way to quickly makeover a room, though. If you're not too picky on color/pattern, you could do it for like $25 and a trip to TJ Maxx. I spent hours and hours looking online, but ended up with a pair of panels from Target for a total $50.

Also... that chair is freaking me out, man. I took those pics on completely different days, but it's always in the same position. IS THIS PLACE POSSESSED?!?!

Aw hell... I'm gonna have to move again.


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