Monday, December 2, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday and thanksgiving!

Last Wednesday was the biggest going out night of the year [seriously.. it's the night where the most alcohol is sold] and Thursday was obviously Thanksgiving, so let's see what people were wearin!

@__lindsayy dressed up her black maxi with heels and curls.

Christopher on Facebook went all fancy! I liiikkee!

@florasenmipelo bringin' back the overalls and actually looking cute!

@lindseyvolt with some go-to's/must haves-

@mariahazlynn with roughed up jeans and boots!

I'm loving both @alexonthemic's dress and her friend's more casual outfit with their leather jackets

Loving @mollskat's make-up this week with a hint of blue.

Somehow I lost track of whose nails these are, and can't find them again! So... if they're yours, speak up now or forever hold your peace cuz they're great!

@arii_relizzz with a classic and fun sweater and then even more fun: sparkly tights!

@ksnedegar kept it colorful and fun.. first with a neon cardigan and fantastic earrings, then light blues and purples.

@dominiquedadiva was also colorful with her yellow jumpsuit.

It's now OFFICIALLY Christmas season! How great are @ElectricHeartNails' nails?!

Looks like @iceiceandrew was out to impress someone with his suit jacket and.. well.. what's the "cool way" to say the matching handkerchief/pocket things? I'm blanking... but he probably succeeded in impressing.

@its_jo_shmoe matching the kicks to the sweatshirt!

@spyke_official getting fun with the mohawk

How pretty is @agapelovegirl's hair? Enjoying the dress/outfit, too!

@micaelalovex went all black and white

And @BlaineStewart joined in on the fun with his gold tie!

On Wednesday, it was super cold, but i wanted to go out... so I went with my go-to button down option. I got this one from LC Lauren Conrad for $11 clearance! Paired with my red jeans and boots from JustFab that ended up becoming extremely uncomfortable. Every time I get something from there, they're either crappy quality or uncomfortable. 

And I was mostly thinking about Black Friday on Thanksgiving. I needed something comfortable, warm, but easy to try other things on without going into a dressing room. Another old shirt from LC, black jeggings, and F21 cardigan did the trick with my new fave boots that were inspired by Joan Watson. 

Now we're only two days away from the next Wednesday! YAY!


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Unknown said...

i busted my ass in a pair of Just Fab heeled boots ; i've got a couple of pairs from them though and they've been pretty comfortable --- you're right on horribly quality i scuffed a pair and they're ruined.