Thursday, November 7, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 110613

Hey hotties, let's check you out, shall we?!

Check out @mollskat's beautiful make-up today! It's perfect for a photoshoot or something without going over the top.

@alex_bubblyonabudget has my absolute favorite short-hair style. 

@ambs829 has the essentials: pretty chiffon blouse and boots! BTW- emerald green is so an underrated color of the season.

Also a must-have- @bmpoulos' striped long sleeve tee. The layering possibilities!

Check out @kingkarim with his stripes and polka dots! Go 'head boy!

@vlaxerg always looks cute, but today I'm obsessed with the gold flats... just another thing to add to my "IIII must have" list.

Plain camis under cardigans are sooo couple years ago. Adding lace like @laurmccabe23 is the way to go!

How stunning is Angie's dress?! It would also be perfect for a formal NYE party [because it's almost time to start thinking about that].

A paisley scarf?! Well that's awesome and a quick way to style up @BrookeRadio's outfit.

@dejaraygene95 got all skully with a fun scarf!

@christinee316 rocked shorts in the fall with black tights

@jasonbryles also with the bowtie! Love, of course!

A leather belt on @kikig732's dress totally makes it.

@RomulaLynn was comfy in a sweater but it's still snazzy with the jewels!

And normally this is all about what you send into me, but sometimes I see outfits I love from blogs I follow or boutiques or whatever... and I just had to share @fashboulevard's post yesterday. LOVE the matching blazer/boot socks, and especially the texture of the pleated [is that what you'd call it?] shirt underneath.

I've been wanting to wear this skirt for a couple weeks now, and after trying a bunch of options, I happily ended with this on accident. I was gonna tuck the sweater in, but hated that... and when I went to take it off, I thought it looked good untucked and here we are!
-sweater from NY&C $8
-skirt from ASOS $9ish
-scarf from Love Culture $8
-shoes from Forever21 $12? 
and I had on big ol' circle navy blue earrings

At first I was a little disappointed in the lack of submissions this week, but I feel like pretty much everything I got was pretty quality... so high five to you all! 


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lacochran's evil twin said...

A do admire a well-placed scarf. Not always as easy to work as it looks.