Thursday, November 14, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 111313

We'll look at some beauties then chat, mmk?

@kkruz is wearing open toed wedges in the fall! *gasp!* But they look gooddd with tights!

@ksnedegar has some fun-colored tights to match her fun scarf! I love a bright color in the cold weather.

I don't know if  @kayree1 was showing off her tee, but I'm really diggin' her hair! The waves and hidden braid... fun!

What I like on @kmtucker_- the scarf knot, yellow jacket, and her EARRINGS!

I totally enjoy @lachawalee's small chevron print, and studded flats! 

 must have been a lot warmer than us.. but I'm a fan of that color of pants!

 went with the layers! Sweater, jacket, scarf, warmth!

Look at that great, sparkly cat eye on @mollskat!

Eyeball print on @vivalasole! The new thing? 

@laurmccabe23's simple accent on her nail is totally pretty!

Ya never know what all you have in your closet, as @brookeradio learned when she put this fab outfit together from the back of hers!

@frshdimples_89 making a hoodie and winter hat look good!

And @toribabyy14 shows that red is always great. 

And I had another accident of an outfit. I wanted to wear either the pink shirt or the tank... then ended up with both! I feel so middle school right now with the open button down shirt.... 
-tank from American Eagle $5
-shirt from Beall's $11
-F21 jeans $9
-boots from K-Mart $10
-necklace c/o Santa Claus

Now... I gotta know... should we continue with WYWW? IIII love it... and it seems like everyone likes looking at it... but there has been a pretty big decline in posts, right when I thought it was going to blow up. So let me know! Should I keep trying or do we take a break? 

I'm hoping it'll just... ya know.. kick everyone's ass in gear and get more posts coming in... especially from newbies! 


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