Thursday, October 17, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 101613


It's officially been an entire year of #WhatYaWearinWednesday! I can't believe it, but I love it! Let's get right to it. 

Loving everything about @brittbradfield's patterned top, leather jacket, and pretty hair!

@sherilynnxo is so ready for Halloween! LOVING her nails and all black outfit!

How great are @schmittastic's boots and coordinating outfit?

Easy and cute way to continue wearing skirts you lived in during the summer: Throw on a cardigan, like @tannerlinwood!

Another look at make-up perfection from @mollskat.

"Grunge" is cute again... as @modelbrittanayj shows!

IS IT time to break out the winter sweaters?! I do enjoy @ksnedegar's...

How fun are @katie__richter's pants/leggings?!

I need to start wearing more of these hats like @bmpoulos... so cute!

Check out @moa8's fancy shoes!

@Bieberology101 had some great nails in honor of The 1975 coming to the studio the other day!

@AloraBuzz was Pinspired by a scarf knot! That scarf is beautiful!

@burnttea was staying real warm, breaking out the tights, boots, and sweater dress!

How adorable is @BrookeRadio's dress that she got for the low-low!

@katezaro was reppin' the Caps!

@Melmoraes' top is so gorgeous and those shoes... need to get in my closet.

@lindseyvolt still gets to rock the shorts and sandals, but I'm enjoying that lacy cardigan!

@JannaShepherd got cute and festive for a Zumbathon! 

On Wednesdays, @toribabyy14 has a lot of pink!

The pop of color in @kacikruz's shoes and necklaces are fantastic!

@JenDBradley was comfy cute [even though the face doesn't say it ;)] in a jersey maxi skirt and cardi!

Great time to bring out a fantastic striped sweater indeed, @maximusrad!

Those leggings on @alwayzmetho are fabulous! 

@BGonzalez_VA and @CoreyRadio looking mighty dapper for a work event!

I said I was going to get some more color this week, and I think I accomplished that! I found this dress at Target the other day and wondered if I'd wear it a lot... but now I'm obsessed. AND I mixed patterns!
-dress $10
-old H&M scarf
-boots from JustFab [which you should never order from because I've never gotten anything worth $40. The zippers don't even work on these... I've sent everything back except these, and only because I had already worn them twice and I do like the way they look.

***REMEMBER: If you wanna be jump in on the fun/be featured on here, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is post a pic on Wednesday with #WhatYaWearinWednesday OR #WYWW. Then check back on Thursdays to see what everyone was showing off!***

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