Thursday, October 10, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 100913

Yowza I am late getting this up. Blame it on the apartment hunting. It's a major bitch. 

Let's distract all of our stresses with some fashion!

@vivalasole has such a rad style. Love the booties, and the leopard/camo combination! Plus- that gold bag!

How cute is @meeshkatz's hair and skirt!? I like them even better than that fantastic ring.

@m_cleave's gone with a new trend I've seen everywhere: oxblood nails!

How great is @lasund's striped blazer? I love that color

@ksnedegar matched her belt and boots, but likin' the different patterns with her sweater and scarf!.. but those bracelets are the best!

And OMG MATCHING TWINS! Loving @amsnedegar's tights and boots to match her scarf.

@ms_vdv's shirt is fun with polka dots and anchors!

Everyone likes a man in uniform, right? Check out @insta_cton! 

@ToddBivona was showing off with his marathon sweatshirt in the MLB studios... as he should!

@KaciKruz popped her black nails cherry, welcomed boot season, and rocked some fabulous earrings. 

And @NinjaMovements welcomed beanie season! 

Look at @gfcoyle and his dapper bowtie! [Because that's my favorite word to use for such accessories.] He's also got fancy socks on!

These shirts are always a good idea, right? Especially when it's "dressed up" with a cardi, like @ambs829

@mtaustin has a fantastic ET shirt!

Absolutely love @shweepielopez's new glasses!

Hangover shirt for the win on @EGNolan!

@Lisa_Morrow has a very simple, but very perfect outfit for anyone in college or with a casual-dress job on a rainy day.

Once again, @mollskat's make-up is perfection.

@sofizzledizzle's rockin' the Tiffany blue nails [and some fantastic lookin' pj pants.]

@Julianondaradio with the pinstriped Nikes, though!

And @NickBrownOnline with some fantastic red shoes.

@matty_may757 is the first to rock plaid today!

... but not the only one! Look at @KCColi's boots and bow!

And yay for oversized sweaters with scarves like @czyk_shan!

I love my coworker Angelica's style. She works the skater dress and black cowboy boots.

I was a full blown Maxxinista! Got the blazer and Express jeans for a total of $35 the other day! Then decided to kick the look up a notch with a side braid, which I need to do more. I kinda love it.
-blazer $15
-jeans $20
-heels from Shoe Dept $20
-necklace from Rue21 $2
-tank from XXI $5
-nail polish from Birchbox that looked really ugly in the bottle, but I'm loving them on my hands.

 As I will be doing every week now, I picked out some looks to share on the station's page! They're not necessarily my faves, just a variety of looks so people will wanna come check out the rest here. ;)

Thanks again to everyone who joins in and spreads the word! If I missed you, PLEASE let me know!


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