Thursday, September 26, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 092513

I'm so glad that no matter how different or crazy my schedule is, I can still count on loving everything about these posts! Let's do it!

@ambs829 broke out the riding boots and I'm so not mad about it... except I want them.

As always, @mollskat's makeup is gorgeous!

@lisa_morrow is super adorable in that sweater and leggings!

I'll always like pink and black together, so @melmoraes' outfit is real great. 

@ashleyannmarconi has a really cool style in general, but how awesome is this graphic tee/vest combo?!

@joolree had a retro day at work! I'm in love with the idea and the outfit. 

@amsnedegar felt very 90s in her cropped jean jacket. Isn't it great that they're back?!

Slightly obsessed with @laceyy_peterson's shirt. Luckily I ordered one kinda like it the other day.

@abaker1804 has some new, comfy nude heels to wear to work! A staple.

@barelyaware was celebrating her birthday with two really great accessories: That scarf and an awesome inspirational bracelet.

@alorabuzz embraced the "cold, 72 degree weather in LA" with a pretty scarf and maroon pants!

@brookeradio got a cute new aztec top which went great with nude heels!

Like @kacagram said, I think I'm going to need some of these fabulous initial rings on my fingers, too!

@krystalllcurlzz has a pretty, sparkly, high-low shirt!

@kkruz's tutu skirt is so fun and she transitioned it into fall beautifully.

@ksnedegar's scarf is great, right?! Also diggin' the layering.

@KatieRadio1 always has an outfit I wish I could copy.. and really great shoes like these booties.

@stayindescribable has the perfect outfit for her job as a wedding planner... or any office!

@sarahkoellisch looks super cute in her one-buttoned cardi

@_explaura_ knows you can never go wrong with Converse and a messenger bag

@bestintheworldhy is reppin' for the boys today and lookin' quite dapper! 

I [look terrifying and need to find a good spot to take pics around here and] got this new shirt with my Rue haul and hadn't worn it yet! In my first day wearing boots this season, I also broke my red pants back out.
-pants from Papaya
-shirt from Rue21 $5
-boots from Sears
-earrings from Rue21 $2 for a set
-necklace is actually part of a shirt, but I cut the shirt off.

Feel free to leave comments of compliments for outfits you're loving! Or just let them know yourself, duh. 

Can't wait til another one next week! Hopefully I can start recruiting some of these DC newbies. 


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