Tuesday, June 4, 2013

watch: news team bickers non-stop on live tv

Everyone has someone in the office they can't stand... that's normal.... what people who aren't in the media business might never think about: even if we hate someone we're constantly with, we can't show it!

...Unless, of course, you're this news team in Philly. It seems like they're constantly making it known that they'd rather work with anyone but each other.

I don't know if they're trying to make it awkward because they think it's funny or because it'll keep people watching for a train wreck... or maybe they're doing it so their boss pulls one of them off the show... but it's effing annoying.

There was no way I could finish watching the video without trying to tackle homegirl Nicole through the computer screen. You're pretty and young honey, but you are incredibly unprofessional. Get it together. You look ridiculous.

Awkward television: There's only so much one can take.


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