Wednesday, May 15, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 051513

Happy 7 month anniversary with WYWW, y'all! I was just thinking about how it had been a while and decided to check and BAM! We got some celebratin' to do! [Even though I feel like the best style months are still to come!]

I will say that a lot of my regulars are letting me down in this celebration today, but the rest of you are still supah sessay.

@trudeewiltshire and her friend are both gorgeous in their chiffon dresses!

I'm pretty obsessed with @naomicvargas' whole look.. especially the dress. I wish I could pull off the headband.

Andrea's looking so Springy with the bright colors and tan blazer!

I actually really like @hello_kathleen's contrasting tank under her dress. I also enjoy the dress' print!

How great is @ellenledbetter's cardigan?! I need it ASAP.

Colored jeans and chambray: Great. Added scarf- awesome on @tiffod10!

@Briceman757 dresses up this much every day. He's gettin' his Gatsby on.

@Captainamandica always has fun trips on Wednesdays! I enjoy all of the everything going on with her backpack and tank.

Striped skinny tie with some pink in it?! I totally approve, @Chadwick_Alexander

Neon yellow pants and a black blazer go so well with leopard print, and I have @alex_bubblyonabudget to thank for pointing it out!

So @kristin_bubblyonabudget's cardi is fantastic, right? It's from DELIAS!

Jealous of this look on @codyontheradio! Everything fits great, and I love the red/maroon accents.

@caseyreneed's necklace from The Loft looks like it'd be so much, but I REALLY like it with that white tank!

Maxis and jean jackets! I enjoy this dress on @crystalsaunders, too!

I spy an owl necklace and neon tank on @xxkaleigh1dxx! Two wins!

The fringe boots on @kimberlicious0 are so fabulous, but I especially like the color of her tunic!

@jannashepherd was out shopping around in all light colors and that crossbody bag that I need.

And I wore the tank top that I spruced up today for my month of pinspiration! It's so 'MERICA and ready for Memorial Day, no?
Tank from F21: $5
Shorts from F21: under $10
TOTAL: $23

Thanks for a fun 7 months... and here's to many more! 


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Panty Buns said...

Congratulations on the 7th anniversary for "what ya wearin wednesday". You summed up all the outfit looks nicely. Your outfit is cute too and I love the way you styled your hair.