Friday, May 31, 2013

watch etv: i rode in a stunt plane!

Sometimes.... my life is really freakin' rad. [Props to everyone on Twitter this morning helping me come up with new words. Rad is so added to my vocab now.]

I got the chance to ride in a plane yesterday with a pilot known for doing shows all over the nation... flipping, falling, spinning, etc through the sky. I was a little nervous, not gonna lie... but I'll do anything for the camera.

Rad, awesome, gnarly, superb, wicked... every single word that people added to my vocab this morning describes this ride. No video or cameras could capture the entire essence of the experience. It was definitely something I'll never forget. The surprising thing: It was so smooth, so beautiful, and even peaceful.... I expected things to be a lot worse.

Mike was great and hilarious, too. His comments had me rollin', especially as I was editing. I don't think I realized how many times he had told me he liked making me scream... and I definitely didn't catch him saying "I always feel light-headed" at the end when we were actually talking. I probably would have freaked out a little more.

The air show is at the beach this weekend, which happens to be a half mile from my house. I'll be there, amazed that I actually got the opportunity to ride along.


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