Tuesday, April 16, 2013

toys from your childhood that will make you rich

Remember when I looked up the value of all those Happy Meal toys that you've been saving, assuming they'd be worth a lot some day? Well, since you weren't alone in that, the space they're taking up is worth more than the toy itself.

BUT!, my friends... If you're a hoarder like me my mom, you might have some serious dolla dolla bills hidden in your attic, basement, bedroom, whatever.

I know for a fact I had these, that were handed down from my mom. If she got rid of them, she threw away $50.

You betta believe I was organizing my [lack of] fashion with this here Clueless device! Now it can get girl fabulous for $75.

I think I had one of these diaries before a real one... and now my [forever] locked up memories are worth $80.

Everyone remembers Talkboys! [And if you don't you're either really young or need to educate yourself.] If you didn't throw away the ancient technology, it's worth $90.

Surely you remember this doodling diddy! I mean, I don't totally remember how it worked, but that's for the person paying $95 to figure out.

Who knew a Mr Potato Head Lite Brite would still be cool in 2013!? If you thought it might be, you're sitting on $120.

Sweet, creepy, Teddy Ruxpin. If you've got it all, his life savings is about $240.

Just a Tamagotchi keychain, with a devilish spin. No big deal right? Fine. Go ahead and give away the $435.

This is nothing but an electric Hello Kitty pencil sharpener... worth $500!

A My Little Pony teaset. Whatever little girls owned this, probably rarely played with it, and were lucky if it didn't accidentally fall from their closet and shatter. That's why it's worth $500 now!

Just a whistling Nerf football from 1989. Someone probably paid $10 for it... and now they're getting $1500!

I definitely remember seeing this dog in the stores or somewhere, and now his dance moves are worth 50,000 freaking dollars. WHAT?!

Seriously, pots of gold are basically sitting in your/your parents' house right now. You need to get to it before they do, and fast. Then buy me something nice to thank me for letting you know.

I'm going to sneak into my house this weekend and hopefully collect $825, if my mom didn't get trash-happy all of the sudden.


PS See more toys and their worth here!

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