Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ebfashion: i wore my first maxi dress!

Yes, I think it's important to acknowledge my big-girl moment of finally buying and wearing a maxi dress. I've seen them all over the place, always thought they were great, but felt like I was going to prom when I tried them on.

Then I found the perfect one in Kohl's, and I knew it was my time to shine.

Crushfest was Sunday [AKA another boozefest, this time centered around Virginia Beach's favorite drink- the Orange Crush], the weather was about 70 degrees and perfect. Apparently I wasn't the only one thinking this way! We didn't plan on being twinsies for the day, but I found me a striped sista!

[That's my friend Alex. She's in radio too, but I shouldn't tell you that cuz she's technically my competition until the end of the month.]

-Apt 9 dress from Kohl's for $10 [I had 10 Kohls bucks] [in blue/similar]
-belt $1.50 from Charlotte Russe [similar]
-earrings free from Santa, but he made them at Burlington
-I had on braided flip flops the same coral color before I lost them in the ocean. Luckily I only paid about $2 for them when I worked at Aeropostale. [similar]
TOTAL: $14!

I can't believe that dress is Apt 9, first of all. I also can't believe how well it fits or how flattering it is. Beyond wearing it the simple way like this, I totally plan on wearing shirts over it to make it look like a skirt. It's so versatile, I'm seriously in love already.

If you're wondering where Alex got her dress- Ann Taylor last year.

Excuse me while I go dust my shoulders off. I'm feelin' pretty good.


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