Thursday, March 28, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 032713

These posts are about you, so let's do it.

How CUTE are @joolree's bows?! That's it. I'm starting to wear bows in my hair all the time again.

I love the color and pattern contrasts of @eewerner's outfit!

Can I also tell you how obsessed I am with @jannashepherd's pants?! and heels, and blazer.. and shirt.

Newly added to my "need" list: @brittb128's printed pants and perfectly matching heels!

@cyrahh went a "little edgy," but I LOVE the combo with mint jeans! Perfect for the winter-spring transition.

@meeshkatz is also perfect for this chilly spring! I just love all of this.

@ktiedt was focused on the nom'ing with his throwback shirt

@BrookeRadio still bundled up a week into Spring! This isn't right, but it's cute!

@JenDBradley was showing off her grandmother's necklace and fun sparkly shoes!

@JaceBarrow once again looking clean and cute!

@xxkaleigh1dxx dressed her tank up, then dressed it down!

@showmewhytheycallyouruthless went for a run, and took a pretty sweet picture of her workout outfit!

@lnatiger shows off one of her many new LC shirts, which makes me jealous.

Anything with red pretty much wins me over, but I love how comfortable and classy @amsnedegar looks! Especially paired with Toms!

And @ksnedegar prettied up red pants with flowers and pearls!

Oh heyyy, pops of leopard print! Always a good idea, @jaclindsay!

As if the birdy print on @barelyaware's shirt wasn't cool, I'm sweatin' her shoes. They'd be so perfect with a dress or skirt! [PS I haven't said 'sweatin' in so long.. welcome back to be obnoxious vocab]

This is why I love statement necklaces. It totally makes @abaker1804's outfit pop!

Nothing better to wear on your birthday than a SOMBRERO [and a marg], like @siarrahhh! Happy belated!

@captainamandica was reppin' her favorite band, Bring Me The Horizon.

 @Hope_hurst kept it comfy with a hoodie and printed shirt, and a side braid!

I'm trying to master the bright colors with grey jeans thing, but @KaciKruz got it with her bright coffee shirt!

I also have yet to figure out how to wear spring/summer dresses with leggings and boots, but apparently I should have @jennay_z come dress me!

As for me, I'm sticking with one of my clutches... leopard print [again]. I'm glad it's not still associated with Snooki.

-scarf from Charlotte Russe $5
-dress from Kohl's [it's like Mudd or some embarrassing brand, if I'm being honest] $10
-tights from Target $5
-boots from Steve Madden a gift, but originally $100. 
-TOTAL: $20 or $120, depending on how awesome your grandmother is.

Because it was "hair" for our instagram challenge, I went a little fancy! I flipped my head upside down and braided upwards into a sock-bun! If you know how to french braid yourself, it's really not that hard. 

 And that, my friends, is another successful week! [As long as you forgive me for getting it up 11 hours late.] Thanks for playing with me! teehee.


PS: Never let your friends make fun of you for participating. They're just jealous of your hotness.