Thursday, March 7, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 030613

I know, I'm 12 hours late, but ya gotta forgive me! Sometimes a girl has a lot going on [like posting other random 90s videos].

I was excited about this week because it went along with my/our instagram challenge! The inspo for #HOTPicADay was "outfit! [See the whole line-up for the challenge to the right of this page--->]

Let's not waste any more time.

@kbzx's hair matches her skirt! And her hat! I seriously love it.

@dubwalston made bald look REAL good as he supported kids fighting for cancer. I think I just developed a crush.

@dubwalston's BFF looked good in a yellow tie! [It's my favorite color so obvi I love it]

@one4chunk said this is all she wears these days.. he might be the cutest outfit ever!

@amsnedegar said she was bringing fall fashion into winter, but if I had that scarf, I'd wear it year round!

@obxboyy kept it casual on top, but I'm lovin' those shoes!

@cadyeimer rocked leopard and boots! Basically two things ruling the fashion world.

I love the sparkle of @dbomb252's tank! Adds some fun!

@justkaitie is joining us all the way from AUSTRALIA! I love her skirt and it looks like she has on hot pink tights!

@MJohnsonFTW definitely won with this Batman onesie... or whatever it is.

@KaciKruz went pink and grey, with gold jewelry/accents! My favorite part: the tights/booties!

@kcessna sported the pattern taking over the world: chevron! Why can't III find that pattern anywhere?!

@JaceBarrow mixed patterns and blues, and looked great on his way to work!

@kristinalachaga and her bestie both looked great! Denim peplum: Never seen that before!

@ksnedegar's shirt does that lace pattern in the back too, which makes me obsessed. Paired with wine pants and a blazer: So great.

I love @JannaShepperd's subtle pattern mixing with the stripes on her belt and her dress!

@TangerineDelite was worried she looked too much like a Michael Jackson wannabe. He may have been her inspiration, but she rocked that outfit and the glasses!

@Yelp757HRVA was comfy with his Yelp badge on!

I geeked out a little bit over @melmoraes' scarf and the back of her rue21 cardigan

"Party Girl" at the station went all black with an oversized cardigan and statement necklace for the cold, windy, rainy day.

@coreyradio needs to clean his mirror, but the stripes and thin sweater combo are easy and great!

What don't I love about @gillyrae's outfit?! Mmm, nothing.

@bgonzalez_va makes plaid look real good!

I enjoy Heather's pop of cobalt!

@captainamandica was living in a Zombiepocalypse! But I love the jacket!

@katiecakes' scarf may be the focal point, and I want it, but that skirt and blazer are perfect, too!

And I brought out my red skinnies, again.

-favorite skinnies ever from Papaya [wish I would have gotten every color] $15
-white chiffon shirt from F21 $13
-leopard flats from rue21 $12
-necklace was a gift

I've been looking for a leopard cardigan type of thing, and I was excited when I found this at Love Culture for $15. Only issue: It's a leopard pattern that doesn't match any other leopard I have. It's so comfy and has pockets, though!

And that completes another week of my favorite day! You all are hot.


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Panty Buns said...

I love @kbzx's outfit - especially that skirt! What a lovely colour. I agree with you that @amsnedegar's scarf is a beauty! (and it's huge). @jaustkatie's fuchsia batwing sleeve blouse is pretty and of course you look lovely as always. Your Papaya skinnies and necklace go together beautifully. I don't have instagram and my outfits are a tad different. I just did my OOTD post about 20 minutes ago, titled: Outfit Post and Review: Hanes Her Way Women's Nylon Brief Panties. (in lavender). I paired them with a green Eyelash Ruffle Top from Dressbarn.