Thursday, October 11, 2012

watch: i hosted a pep rally!

If you know me in real life [or have known me at any point in my lifetime], you know I'm a very spirited person. I love showing it for holidays, events, companies, and of course- my favorite teams. But the thing I've always had the biggest love/spirit for is high school.

I was the girl dressed obnoxiously in school colors at every football game, pep rally, basketball game, or school event in general. There was also an OP [the school I went to] shrine in the back window of my car, full of pom poms, megaphones, a blanket, and who knows what else.

Anyway, I've always wanted to go back to high school or middle school, just for a day or a week, and experience the excitement of pep rallies or homecomings all over again. So far, the closest I've gotten is being able to make an appearance at Landstown Middle School's pep rally.

To say they were excited to be surprised with us is an understatement.

 [I apologize for the shakiness... I tried to stabilize it as much as possible. I just had to share the awesomeness!]

When I first got contacted to do it, I was all, Yikes, nothing about me is appropriate for middle school children. Then we did it, and I had a freaking blast.

My show may be the worst thing for these kids to listen to, but apparently their parents don't care. No other group would have been that excited to see us. Some were CRYING! They were asking for autographs, taking pictures, and all sorts of other crazy things I'm not used to.

As weird and different as it was, it was really cool, and I walked away with a happiness I haven't felt in a long time. I am doing something that people are noticing, remembering, and loving... and that's a neat thing to realize from time to time.

So thank you to Rebecca, the girl who took a chance and contacted me about doing it. Thank you for pursuing your goals/thoughts, and thanks for picking us!
And thank you to everyone who listens, pays attentions, reads, whatever. I really can't say it enough.


PS: In the video, the kid breakdancing.. He broke his arm! While on video! If you look for it, you'll see his face hide the pain with a smirk, but the kid's a trooper! He not only stayed out there, but won the dance battle, and stuck around for pictures afterwards! You're awesome, Joe!

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Unknown said...

Hi Elizabethanny. If you/hot 100.5 could wish my daughter Kemani Montgomery (I think you are fb friends or she has liked page) a happy 14th birthday, she would really love it. She was one of the MCs the day you came to Landstown MS. She is the cheerleader/SCA VP in the first photo. She also got to meet you at the studio a few weeks after the pep rally. In addition to sca and cheer, she's also in the honor society, cheers and dances competively, and enjoys volunteering. She's just an awesome, hard-working kid and though she's humble, I think she deserves a little recognition for all she does. Thank you for making her feel special!