Tuesday, October 9, 2012

debate/podcast: pink jerseys vs. gameday dresses

After seeing my friend Brooke wore a "gameday dress" [apparently the "gameday" in front of it makes it more football-friendly] to a game this weekend, I had to A) Call her out [she's always freaking out about football and girls wearing pink jerseys], and B) ask my homies which was worse.

This is Google's definition of a gameday dress:

And besides a bunch of pornographic girls, Google hit the nail on the head with this representation of a pink jersey:

For the record, I told Brooke that I thought dresses were worse, but I really just hate both so much that it's hard to fight for either of them... but I battled it out with some sorority biatch on Facebook just because she started running her mouth. She unfriended me. Success.

I also asked people on air what they thought. I'm surprised it was only girls getting in on the action, but the last call is the best. The lady is NOT happy, and she tries to defend the dresses, but fails big time.

Sorry lady, but you can't defend wearing dresses by basically telling me you don't like the real atmosphere of football games. MARBLE FLOORS?! Get outta here. I don't want your sugar daddy husband anyway.

Feel free to comment below if you wanna keep this going. It's certainly got people riled up all day.


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Panty Buns said...

The people who are riled up over the "pink jerseys and gameday dresses" must be going nuts over Victoria's Secret PINK store opening at Cowboy's Stadium! Now they can sell the NFL Collection right there at the stadium. Apparently one is supposed to wear their team's "Jersey" with Victoria's Secret panties on display along with it. Personally I don't have much of a problem with either the dresses or the Pink jersey, and was surprised to find that even football fans who are fashionista bloggers were taken aback upon reading of the PINK store opening at Cowboy's Stadium on my latest blog post Lingerie News: Lady Gaga, Football, PINK, Undie Awards (the part showing the model with the pink football and cutoff Packers jersey is near the end of the post). Speaking of all that, I can imagine Lady Gaga wearing that (with no pants) at a game, but I don't think I (as a guy) would dare attempt to wear one those outfits or one of the pink gameday dresses at a football game myself.