Wednesday, July 25, 2012

watch etv: celebrating national tequila day with strangers... on stilts

Yesterday was National Tequila Day, and since I was already out filming some Dares on the beach [that video to follow soon!], it was only right that I try and celebrate the beautiful holiday with some strangers gracing the boardwalk with their presence.

And since I haven't been on my stilts in quite some time, I figured I'd whip those suckers out, too.

I mean, WHO WOULDN'T WANT A FREE SHOT OF TEQUILA?! Granted, it was only apple juice, but they didn't know that! Which is why little miss girlfriend was pissed, and why the crowd of people had the looks of shock and disgust when I started chugging then falling over. Silly people, I wasn't trying to get arrested!


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