Tuesday, January 31, 2012

you may have noticed some changes...

There are some changes on this here blog, but I'm excited about them, and I hope you are too! [I even have a new lil logo you'll be seeing more often!]

For almost 3.5 years I've had a bit of an identity crisis on here. It started as an entertainment blog, until I realized there are enough of those out there, so I put more of my honest opinion and some exclusive posts on it. When I got my first job [which was kinda the point of starting this], I had half the time I used to, so I think the overall quality of individual posts kinda declined. Still, I didn't wanna let anyone down!

Well, fast forward a year and I've finally decided to really make this blog about me and the things I love. I'll still have entertainment posts, and tons of things about the 90s, but it'll be stuff I really care about or find funny. Beyond that, I want to do a lot more posts about my life, what I'm doing with work but behind the scenes, and the neat stuff I steal from Pinterest.

Assuming you like me for who I am, I should still be able to provide you with plenty of fun. If you liked me for the Hangover posts, those will now be over on the station's website and as far as I'm concerned, you can suck my D because I think I'm cooler than a list of links. [Plus, I still share plenty of links on Twitter every day, duh.]

I have officially changed the link to www.elizabethany.com so you might need to change a bookmark. I partly did this because of the style-change, but since I'm always honest here, I need to tell you that I was an idiot, and missed the deadline to renew my domain name for loveelizabethany.com, and some douchebag took it from me.

Now I must get back to having a life, so I have interesting things to blog and talk about! But before I do that... a very sincere thank you for following me through all the changes. I mean it when I say it: You are da bomb diggity.


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