Tuesday, December 13, 2011

podcast: what girls should never do vs. what guys should never do

Last week on the show, thanks to inspiration from this video of a guy pole dancing, I decided to talk about what guys and gals should NEVER do [as opposed to what they should do, as talked about before].

I expected a TON of girls attacking guys, as usual, and no guys having the balls to step up to the plate and complain about what girls shouldn't do.

I was so wrong. Listen to what everyone said. Many of them were brutally honest.

"Girls should never say no." Dear sweet baby heyzeus I hope that dude was kidding.

Why is it that girls have so many things we can't do? We're freakin' human beings. So what if we fart?! We're gonna need everyone to relax a little so this world is a funnier place 'cuz let's face it- farts are funny.


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