Friday, November 11, 2011

EBudget: prepare to get the most out of black friday

As you know, I'm ALL ABOUT saving money, and considering I've spent entirely too much money with this moving process, I'm going to be struggling this holiday season.

Last year was the first year I REALLY got into Black Friday. I went to Walmart at midnight, woke up at 4am to hit Kohl's and a few other department stores, then went to work, and continued shopping after. It may sound like an awful and long day, but I actually had everything I wanted so organized and planned out, that it was easy and enjoyable!

So, this year, I'm going to tell you my tips.
  1. First and foremost, get a Black Friday app.
    I'm a loyal Brad's Deals user, and that site/app is to thank for my experience last year, so if you have an iPhone or iPad, get their version of the Black Friday app. If you're an Android person, I got this Black Friday App and am loving it so far.
    They have already started posting several ads from the biggest stores, and will continue to do so. It's organized beautifully, but the best part is that you can save individual items that you want to grab come Friday. When the time comes, your list is organized by store so you can zoom in and out, without getting distracted by other things!

  2. See what sale items are available online
    A lot of stores have started offering most, if not all, of their sale prices online. Obviously, if they do, it saves you a lot of time, gas, and frustration to be able to shop at home than to fight the crowds in the middle of your food coma.

  3. Time it out wisely
    Look at your items you need to get and the stores they're located and separate it all based on times they're available and how important it is that you get it that day. If something is a really good deal, and is the early bird electronics special at Walmart or Best Buy, chances are you need to be there early. If it's a kitchen item at Kohl's all day, go there after you take a little power nap.

  4. Mentally prepare
    It is a storm out there [people have DIED from the stampedes at Walmart!], so don't go in with an attitude or a need for personal space. Get ready to be up close and personal with way too many strangers, and make quick moves/grabs. Wear good shoes. You may even want to pack some boxing gloves, and definitely some snacks. No sense in spending more money on food.

  5. Everything else...
    • Some people like to bring friends, and as much as it might help you calm down or have more fun, I think it slows down your process. This is a mission, people. Don't let someone else get in your way.
    • A Black Friday Party AFTER all is said and done sounds like a fabulous idea. Have a meet-up place for you and all your friends to go, relax, drink, and share your buys.
    • We're two weeks away. For a lot of people, that means one paycheck between now and then. STOP. SHOPPING. Two weeks isn't a lot of time to put down the checkbook to save money before you go spending it all.
    • Just in case you're interested in my favorite deals, I'm starting a board on Pinterest dedicated to it today. Follow me or bookmark it!
I'm so excited about this year now that I feel like a pro, so hopefully I can help you enjoy it, too! If you have any additional tips or tricks, let me know!


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