Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the current state of my new bedroom is scary

It's been about 8 weeks since I moved to Virginia Beach and this is the first week I've actually stayed in my new home. [I didn't get to move in til last week, so I had been couch surfing quite a bit.. but that's a whole different story.]

All of my furniture that the [Proud American/United] movers transported is now broken in one way or another, but they're only reimbursing me $.60/pound for the broken things. I'm assuming I'll be able to buy a used plastic drawer unit for the amount I'll be receiving.

Anyway, that's all [kinda] in the past. Now that my stuff is in my room, I need to organize it in some way and turn my room into something pretty. I have plans for once I get some more replacement furniture, but in the meantime, this is what my bedroom looks like:

It's one of those things where you want to clean it and unpack everything, but you have no freaking idea where to put anything. I'm at a loss right now.

And yes, I'm pretty sure a tornado did roll through here... obviously.

I figured I'd post it so you could see why I may be in and out for the next week or more, but I also plan on giving updates on my progress. I hope to turn this into the first room that doesn't look and feel like a college dorm. [Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration!] Wish me luck!


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Panty Buns said...

Actually, I think your bedroom looks quite neat considering how little closet space you have. you are obviously going to wind up being a superstar and on the road alot so living out of suitcases is probably good practice.

I love the pink colour of the pillow and the drapes.