Monday, September 26, 2011

watch etv: meet the faces and places of my new job at hot 100.5!

I did a similar video when I first got to Candy, and to mark the first night that I'm running the show solo, I put together this video so you will know exactly who and what I'll be talking about!

See what the [awesomely colorful and fun] studio looks like, the fancy equipment, and probably most importantly- meet the other people who are on-air! [And get used to their beauty... You'll probably be seeing a lot of them!]

I really do love this place already [even though I'm still homeless until this weekend!], and am SO thankful to have been given this opportunity. I'm gonna rock out hard once I'm 100% settled, so brace yourselves!


PS: Follow my coworkers on Twitter! Corey! Bobby [even though I still have to teach him how]! and my not-video'd boss, Paul!

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