Friday, September 16, 2011

3rd blogiversary! top 20 posts of the year

Well damn. I don't think I've ever been so committed to one thing for so long in my entire life, and you better believe I'm hella proud to say that as of today, love, elizabethany is 3 years old!!!

Just like every relationship, there have been ups and downs [unfortunately right now I'm the neglecting one], but I like to focus on the ups.

Here are the top 20 posts of the past year!

  1. 5/6- Real World Las Vegas podcast: Heather
  2. 10/14- Amazing pictures from the set of Transformers 3
  3. 3/16- Sammi Sweetheart is leaving nothing to the imagination
  4. 10/4- I Spy: Sluts on the dancefloor
  5. 11/16- Real World Challenge podcast with Derrick
  6. 1/12- The Simpsons' XXX parody
  7. 6/21- Real World Las Vegas podcast: Leroy
  8. 8/17- Dare: Take sexy pics
  9. 6/28- Meet the boys of Real World: San Diego
  10. 8/3- MTV "Rivals" interview with Leroy and Mike
  11. 10/18- I Spy: Your new favorite drink- the Lava Lamp
  12. 1/25- The United States of Shame
  13. 6/7- Real World 26 is back to San Diego
  14. 11/17- Real World Las Vegas podcast- Mike
  15. 11/10- The night Niblett and I ruined someone's engagement
  16. 2/10- Miley's showing off her side boob
  17. 6/2- Blake Lively's 20 naked pics
  18. 6/20- Watch: My internet twin
  19. 8/3- I got help from a stylist
  20. 3/9- The hottest guys of Real World, past and present
Does it say something about you or me that everything on this list has to do with X-rated content, Real World, or myself? You raunchy people! I dig it!

It totally helps me figure out what I need to keep doing! But since I am in a bit of a transition period, here's a poll I'd love for you to answer:

Thanks for reading and supporting me through everything! I always hoped this blog would get me far in life, but I never imagined I'd love it this much.


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