Tuesday, August 2, 2011

leaked! the real world casts' contract

By now I [which also means you] know a lot about what's included on the contract that all Real Worlders have to sign before entering the house.

Still, I can't know everything! Luckily for us noseys, the full contract was leaked!

Here are some interesting points/things we didn't know:
  • You may die, lose limbs, and suffer nervous breakdowns.
  • Producers are under no obligation to conduct background checks on your fellow cast members.
  • Interacting with other cast members carries the risk of "non-consensual physical contact" and should you contract AIDS, etc. during such an interaction, MTV is not responsible.
  • You don't have STDs, but accept that other people on the show might.
  • You're not pregnant and you won't become pregnant before the show's done filming. If you do become pregnant, you'll tell the Producer immediately--and pregnancy is grounds for dismissal.
  • You can't change your physical appearance during filming, without the Producer's express permission.
  • The Producer can do pretty much anything they want with your life story, including misrepresent it.
  • You promise not to hide from production cameras in establishments where they can't film.
  • You authorize the Producer to have total access to your school records, government forms, your credit history.
  • The production crew can show up at your personal house at any time to film and/or to take anything they want, as long as they return the objects once production has ended.
  • For one year after the show's final episode airs, cast members are contracted to participate in all producer-determined press and forbidden from engaging in any media (radio, television, chat rooms, blogs) without the Producer's written permission. [*Now you see why getting podcasts are rather annoying nowadays]
  • The Producer holds the authorship and copyright to every photograph, email, website, sound or video recording, documented performance created in relation to the program, on every medium imaginable.
  • You're obligated to participate in a Reunion Special for up to five years after the show ends, you'll be paid $2500 for your involvement, and the Producer only has to give you 14 days notice.
  • You're required to participate in book or home video projects for two years after the show ends, and you'll be paid $750.00 for each one.
  • While you're on the show, you're responsible for all long-distance phone charges.
  • They declare $1 million dollars be granted per breach of contract
It didn't say exactly how much they get charged every time they do talk to the media, but as I heard it, it was 50-100$ every time they spoke to me. Apparently it's not officially in the contract, though. [Or I'm just too ADD to read every single word. Skimming= less time consuming for a busy girl.]

Still, interesting to see it all in writing exactly how tied down they are. Would you be willing to sign this contract to go on the show? Do tell!

Count me out. The benefits after it all might be amazing, but I don't know if I could handle the loss of privacy at such extremes.


PS: In other Real World news, Johnny Bananas is suing Entourage and HBO... Real life.

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