Tuesday, July 19, 2011

real world san diego update: meet ashley and sam

Whew, it's been too long since I've done a full catch-up on all things Real World San Diego. I guess I got lazy with the boringness of stalking last season, but this season is proving to be full of hot tub wannabes!

Because of that, and thanks to the people on Vevmo for getting ALL of it posted on their forums, I can introduce you to two of the girls in the La Jolla house!

Meet Sam McGinn.

  • 21 years old
  • From Chesapeake, VA [More DMV'ans! ...kinda]
  • Lesbian
  • Current school unknown, but rumored to be CNU or a community college in the area
  • Ran track in high school
  • Here's her Twitter page
All her friends from home have been commenting saying she's a really awesome person, and if you can tell by a smile and Ke$ha Halloween costume, I'd say I agree. I'm excited for her!

Also, meet Ashley Kelsey.

She's flipping BEAUTIFUL... and she has the "girl next door" type of beautiful about her, plus seems pretty likable in that video. I can't hate, that's for sure, and I know the boys definitely won't.

There have been some other cast sightings that I will put up in a separate post. I'm just here doing all I can to keep y'all in the loop without having to search through millions of posts like I do to get the info to ya! [And, duh, I kinda miss my stalking days.]

Let me know what ya think about these two ladays!


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The Conductor said...

I have been following your real world coverage since the blogger stalks in DC. I have to say that if there was ever a recap show on MTV for the week's episodes that you should definitely host it. Hope all is well in Texas int his heat!