Tuesday, March 8, 2011

watch: never before seen 9/11 footage

Oh man.. almost 10 years later and more footage is being released, and people are still certain that this wasn't a terrorist attack.

This video was shot from an NYPD helicopter after the towers got hit. It gets closer to the building than I've ever seen. It's not the easiest thing to watch, but the hardest thing for me to see are the comments on the YouTube page where it's posted.

People are still convinced that this was something done without planes or terrorists.
I won't get into that. By now a lot of you probably know my direct connection with 9/11, and it's just terribly upsetting to read this stuff.

So, watch the video, skim through, listen to their heartbreaking commentary once they realize what's going on...

Will it ever get easier? No. Probably not. Do I think it's bizarre that these buildings collapsed even though physics experts have "proven" it's impossible? Yes. But it happened, and it's something we'll be dealing with forever.


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