Wednesday, March 9, 2011

on the racks: britney shows her hott bod in out

I said it would happen, and now it finally has. People aren't talking smack about Britney anymore, they're excited for her. She finally has the world supporting her again.

And this month, Out Magazine is showing her off.

A lot of the interview asks the typical questions she's been asked for years, but dang, girl is so witty!

When they asked her if she didn't like any of her songs, she said "No. All of my songs are f–ing amazing."

I also enjoy these answers:
My idea of hell is...
Being on a diet.

What is the best advice you’ve gotten and who was it from?
My mom said when you have a bad day, eat ice cream. That’s the best advice.
WORD, girl! She speaks the truth.

She said that Femme Fatale is going to be her most upbeat and mature album yet, which we all have expected. The surprising answer when it comes to music was her response to which recent song she wished she had recorded: "Love the Way You Lie." She hasn't really sang in a while, so for her to pick a song that's really singing-involved is interesting to me, but I would love to hear her take on it!

Finally, for the worst advice she's ever received from a record executive:
"Someone once told me that the "…Baby One More Time" video should be me as a superhero fighting a giant robot monster."
Bahaha, what the heck?!

She looks GREAT in the pictures. Her body is rockin', and it doesn't seem too Photoshop'd! Not sure how I feel about the Beyonce-style leotard, but who cares! This is a Britney we haven't seen in a while!

...Am I the only one who has seen a weird sadness or exhaustion in her eyes the past few years, though? Even when she looks incredible, there's something with her eyes that still isn't at 100%. I hope I'm not hallucinating.

Keep it up, Brit! You're killin the game again!


PS: Click here for the full article.

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