Monday, March 21, 2011

20 incredibly amazing pictures of the 2011 supermoon

All day Saturday I was so excited about the Supermoon. I heard the best time to see it would be 3:36 EST, so I was on the lookout. Didn't see it. Didn't see it an hour later, or even a few hours later.

I must have been in the wrong spots at the wrong times, because never did I see a moon that looked as amazing as it does in these pictures.

Denver, CO

Orlando, FL

Columbus, OH

Toronto, Canada

London, England

Newport, RI

The Bronx, NY

Vina del Mar, Chile

Lillburn, Georgia

Miami, FL

Washington, DC

El Paso, TX

Mount St. Bruno, France


Seattle, WA

Essex, England


Athens, Greece

Boston, MA

Albuquerque, NM

There are 30 more pictures if you wanna keep looking at the amazingness. I'm in love, but mad and jealous. Hmph.



Anonymous said...

some of them are made by using a telephoto lens and making the object in the distance seem larger than in the foreground.

elizabethany said...

Yeah, but they're still ALL incredible, regardless. We saw no change in the appearance of the moon here... At least not when I looked. Maybe it was too late.