Tuesday, February 8, 2011

watch: amazing michael jackson a capella songs

Consider this my "YouTube Channel of the Week," since I said I'd start doing that.

This a Capella group, Duwende, posted a bunch of Michael Jackson songs, and they're all incredible. The first one that caught my eye [err... ear?] was Thriller, though.


I guess they know that's what they're good at and what a lot of people will be drawn to, because they did some more MJ faves:

Billie Jean-

Remember the Time-

Human Nature-

Gah. I am officially and quickly OBSESSED! The guy who sings most of the Michael Jackson parts is really good. I WANT MORE!

While I go listen to them over and over again at high volumes in the studio, subscribe to them.



Anonymous said...

Holy cow these guys are freaking awesome! So much more talented than those guys on Glee. Can we buy these covers?

elizabethany said...

They have some of their music on their website duwende.com... but I don't see the MJ stuff yet. :(

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!