Thursday, February 10, 2011

ebudget: my guide to curing your shopping addiction and empty bank account

I've been meaning to do this for a while, and now's the time I'm starting it. Say hello to a new "segment" on love, eb: "EBudget."

For all of you who are broke like me, but can't help but shop all the time. For all of you who love a good bargain. For all of you who love free stuff. Once a week [I think I should be able to do this] I'll post one way I've saved a bunch of money on my car insurance recently.

This week I have to point out my favorite way to find out some of the day's best deals: BradsDeals.

Every day I get an email from them that gives me a variety of sales on the Internet.
Anything from 70% off name brand shoes, to TVs, to stuff for your home, cheap diamond jewelry, and the other day they even had DJ Hero for only $27, including shipping!

I've also gotten a down comforter for only $30, a customized iPhone cover for hella cheap, and 30% off at Old Navy.

Basically, it's pretty legit.

Sometimes getting daily emails about sales are annoying, but I've found this one pretty helpful, especially because I know what I need, what is expensive, and what to look out for. As long as you're not a super-compulsive buyer, I definitely recommend signing up for these emails.

If and when you do- Please share what you got! I like knowing that I helped people save money.

And BTW- I've been tweeting, and will continue to do so, about deals that I find... just FYI. :)


PS: No, I'm not getting paid or any extra deals to do these. Just trying to be helpful.

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HB said...

Hey girl. A site I am obsessed with is! It's more on the coupon side, but I have filled up my mailbox with free stuff from reading it! :) I don't know what grocery stores you have in tx either, but the site posts things like a list of everything for a dollar or less, etc. Pretty awesome!