Wednesday, January 12, 2011

on the racks: emmy rossum tells dirty jokes for esquire

I know Emmy Rossum from the Disney Channel movie "Genius." You probably remember her from "The Day After Tomorrow." Or her new show Shameless? Or... for just being damn cute.

Which is what she's doing in Esquire this month.

I guess at this point it's right to call her "hott," not cute... But it's her personality that girls can like just as much as guys.

She told a "dirty" joke for the mag to show it-

Okay, first listen I was like o_O... but when I retold the joke to others, they died laughing, so it has to be funny, right? It's just the first listen that's a little awkward.

Either way, I like her. And she said her new show is bringing out her "ballsier side," and since that seems like a girl I might like to call my BFF, maybe I'll check it out.

Once again, you're welcome boys.



Janna said...

I liked her best in Phantom of the Opera - she's a wonderful singer!

Abishek makvana said...

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