Tuesday, December 7, 2010

watch: highlights from my new favorite show- the sing off

I've been seeing all the commercials for "The Sing Off" and figured I'd like it, and sure enough, when it came on last night, I fell in love.

It's season 2, I somehow missed season 1 [probably because when I was home in VA it was like TV didn't exist], but it's okay! I'm ready for this season.

You HAVE to check out some of last night's performances [with some not so HQ video, sorry]-

Everyone's talking about On The Rocks' version of "Bad Romance":

My second fave in the competition are The Back Beats. They are a bunch of groups that normally compete against each other, but grabbed the best from all of them to come together for this show. They did "If I Were A Boy."

MY fave and who I'm officially rooting for because of this performance- Committed. They did this AWESOME version of "This Love" by Maroon 5.

I tweeted last night that I couldn't tell if they were lip syncing or not. I'd really hope not considering it's an a Capella show, but it sure did look like it. Oh well... The singing is good either way.

The show is Monday and Wednesday at 8pm and it could fill the void in my heart that American Idol once filled considering that show just won't be the same anymore.

And with Nick Lachey hosting, there's ALWAYS something good to look at.


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KOKONUT said...

you btr root for committed girl!!! they go to my sister school whooo represent