Friday, October 8, 2010

watch: fckh8... serious, hilarious, talk

For my 2,400th post, which I'd like to consider a milestone of some sort, I think this video is absolutely fitting.

Everyone knows about NOH8, but there's a new campaign that everyone can be 100% involved in, and should be.

Watch the video. Embrace it. Love it. Spread the love. Give someone a hug. And scream FCKH8!!!!!

Making kids say the F-bomb- kinda iffy. The video as an effing whole- effing fantastic.

I'm buying buttons and stickers right now. Not joking. [I can't afford the shirts.]


PS: Thanks to a bunch of the TJ's for posting, RTing, etc this video/site so that I could then send it along to all my friends. :)

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