Tuesday, October 19, 2010

on the racks: glee does gq

Holy RAUNCHY! The Glee cast is stepping out of their "good kid" looks and onto the cover of GQ, looking more sexy and scandalous than ever!

I mean, DANG! They weren't afraid of changing their reputation at all, were they? [Not that their real life reputation has to match their character's..] Check out some more of the entire gallery, and try not to show through your pants:

There's something about Lea Michele that is not pretty to me at all. Her body is totally gorgeous, but her face is gross and I want to cut it out. Maybe it's because she tries to hard, or maybe it's because I want her off of Cory Monteith. Either way, I'd rather her face be left out.

I could talk about the article, but let's be honest... The pictures are all that matter here [just like the songs in the show].

You're welcome.


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