Thursday, October 14, 2010

morning hangover 101410

I have way too many tabs open on my browser right now. I should have done one of these a few days ago.

  • 21 cheap, easy, and great Halloween costumes... That someone else will probably wear, too.
  • The Willy Wonka gum is about to become real life!
  • The most badass beer pong tables EVER. [Please take note that the main one is reppin' WVU! HOLLA!]
  • Apparently J-Woww is a wrestler now.
  • Why couldn't WVU offer any SWEET classes like these?!
  • Google totally stole my idea of cars that drive themselves.
  • Apparently American Apparel is offering "Halloween costumes" now.
  • Homeboy somehow survived a bear attack... but his face is jacked.
  • Who would be your choice fictional BFFAE?!
  • 101 party tips from whoever Andrew WK is.
  • Ever seen a whale up close? Me either. These pictures are pretty freakin' amazing, though.
  • Also funny- obese animals.
  • This just makes me giggle.
  • If this is really the new fashion, would you wear it?
  • Next time I'm in an eating contest, this is exactly what I'm going to do too.
  • If you wanna be the ultimate Avatar for Halloween, it's gonna cost ya on Etsy.
  • The grossest thing you'll ever see: This giant tumor.

  • The newest kid rapper: "STOP LOOKIN AT MAH MOMZ!!!"

  • Note to self: Do NOT sing to the lions at the zoo.

  • This kid is REALLY upset about his trip to the zoo...

  • I applaud your effort, kitty.

  • I feel so bad for my future kids. They'll never be able to play the ukulele and sing "What a Wonderful World" like this guy.

  • Perez SWEARS he's gonna stop bullying celebs on his blog. .... Yeah. Okay.

Woah. Told ya I had a lot! Enjoy!


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