Friday, October 8, 2010

morning hangover 100810

Ahh, another day full of things I didn't get to post individually... Enjoy!

  • 10 celebrity siblings you never knew existed.
  • 10 weirdest celebrity tweets
  • An electric Snuggie! It's about time!
  • Cool Breast Cancer awareness products
  • This is an mp3 player! How freakin' sweet, right?!
  • Here's a flashback for ya:
  • Well, helloooo little Schwartzenegger.
  • What you don't know about All Hallow's Eve
  • I love Someecards... it makes me giggle.
  • Dumbass of the day: She thought superglue was eyedrops.

  • Oh DANNNGGG!!! Boob Lube!

  • I mean this is really freaking cool, until.....

  • Ohhh, live TV woopsies... I love you.


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