Tuesday, October 5, 2010

more details about lc's new show!

We learned a couple weeks ago that Lauren Conrad was definitely coming back to MTV, but that’s about all we knew.

Now she’s talked to Us Weekly and we know more details and what to expect about her upcoming show!

She says it’s going to be all about her building a new company with her two best friends Maura McManus and Gary Samuelian. Her relationship with Kyle Howard will be kept out as much as possible, but not completely exempt, and it will show the effect fame has on her living her life.

"It's hard to say yet if he'll be on the show. Certain aspects of my relationship I want to keep to myself, but it's not like I'm going to stop myself from talking about him.
“Then, PAs would hold back paparazzi so their shadows wouldn't get in the way. Now if a mic gets in the shot, it's not a big deal."

Oh. My. Goodness. I’m SO flipping excited. I told the BFF that LC is very close to taking BritBrit’s number one spot in my heart, and this show just might make that happen.

The only downside is that I’m about to go into further debt thanks to any and all Lauren Conrad brands than what college did for my financial situation.

What do you think the name will be?! They can’t possibly call it anything along the lines of “The Hills” or “The City,” but they can’t go all VH1 and be corny with her name, right? Leave me your brainstorms!


PS: Thanks to my boo @danchiz for pointing this out to me.

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