Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what i think about real world new orleans because you care

Well dang, another season of the Real World is over. Crazy!

Last season I couldn't really step back from my personal involvement with the show and rate the season as just someone watching the show. With Real World New Orleans, I got to be closer to the show and cast than I ever have been while staying just another fan of the show.

Because of that, I feel it's appropriate to express my thoughts on the season as a whole.

Overall, was it a good season?

I'd say it was pretty good. The roommates were diverse and entertaining in a variety of ways. I laughed, I gasped, I cried, and I got angry throughout this season.

You'd think that'd be enough to consider it a good show, but there's one thing that didn't come easily- Making a connection with any specific roommate. Somewhere along the way Bunim-Murray has really forgotten the game-plan that used to make the show what it was. The scattered storylines and extreme focus on the drama kept it entertaining, but didn't give it the heart that the "first generation" Real World seasons used to have. The seasons that really showed 7 people growing, learning, and changing.

The "real" people is what makes the show and what separates it from the Jersey Shore. If it keeps going more and more towards drama and randomness, more and more people will lose interest. Real World is all about compelling stories, isn't it? If so- why don't they put more of a focus on those stories other than a quick 15 minutes? Jemmye's drama/story was good, but it continuously kept getting interrupted and was never given closure in the end. It was just forgotten.

What made the season good?

Though I just said the above, I have to admit- Ryan's drama made the season. It was his psychotic ways that drove Preston to say some of the funniest things he said. It was him that made Eric jump out of the background and into our hearts [and dreams] in his undies. Without Ryan, this could have been a season just like DC with two roommates hooking up and fighting, one roommate getting tamed, one trying to sing, one trying to be a star, and one to comment on everything that goes on.

Like I said, I also liked Jemmye's role. She was hilarious and unpredictable, but she also had a dark past that she was trying to get over. Seeing both sides of her was interesting and if there was anyone that I did develop a heart for, it'd definitely be her.

What will be missed?

The unpredictability was at a high this season, for sure. Ashlee's comments and facial expressions were also on point. Just because you're not causing the drama doesn't mean you can't be a vital part of the show. Her and Preston's comments on everything that went down were classic. Also- Knight's witty comments and ways that he dealt with different things [hiding like Anne Frank and escaping every moment he didn't want to be in] were pretty great. Oh, and Eric in his undies, of course.

What should there have been more of?

I always say there should be more random funny moments. I think there were more this season than last, so that's good! More in-house relationships and bonding would have helped us feel a little closer to the roommates as well.

Mckenzie's relationship with Grant was obviously more than what we saw. Why didn't we ever hear about him again besides St. Patrick's Day and the final episode? Same goes for Preston and Marty's relationship. Obviously they were something special, but how are we supposed to know?

Would it be wrong if I put Eric in his boxer briefs here, too?

What could have been left out?

I'm sticking to my statement that I say in the chats- They should keep it to 7 roommates. That being said, I think Sahar is the one who could be sacrificed. Her singing storyline wasn't anything to swoon over and Pablo kept her from doing anything interesting, then turned out to be a huge d-bag.

They didn't need to show Ryan come back to the house; it was pointless. A lot of times things were hyped up way bigger than they needed to be, but I understand it's to get people to watch.

I can't sit here and pretend like I didn't enjoy watching each episode. There was always something I loved that kept me watching. The step back to observe it as a whole is what has me wanting more. Hopefully some things get cleared up during the reunion and Sh!t They Shoulda Shown.

Thank you all for chatting with me every week and making me enjoy a show more than I ever could without your involvement. Also- thanks to the cast for letting us in their lives and a special thanks to Preston [and all his friends] and Ashlee for making appearances on this here blog.


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