Thursday, September 9, 2010

let's get ready for cut throat!

The website is live, there are a lot more teasers being shown, and we know everyone in the cast and the teams.

It's time to talk Cut Throat.

First and foremost, as I've told you before, let's welcome back Ty and Emily to our televisions.

Emily looks GREAT! For some reason they like to make Ty look really weird in every photoshoot he does for MTV.

Their bios for the show are pretty funny. To summarize- Emily is excited to compete, but will Ty mess up her excitement? Ty is looking for reputation redemption, but will he achieve it?

The answers that I will tell you: Yes and No. Yes Ty will fight with Emily, and no people won't think of him any differently.

And from what Paula said when she came to College Station- the vets do not like him and a lot of them think he's got a gay side and possibly an eating problem.

Oh boy, Ty.

I don't think we're going to need to worry about our DC'ers fading into the background amongst veterans.

As for the teams, here are the pictures and names [with totally made up team names]:

"Team Random." Melinda, Chet, Camila, Dunbar, Paula, Tyler, Megan, Brandon, Tori, and Brad.

"Team Drama." Ty, Theresa, Johnny, Katie, Eric, Emily, Emilee, Derek, Jenn, Derrick.

"Team Nice Guys." Ayiiia, Vinny, JD, Laurel, Shauvon, Sarah, Luke, Cara Maria, Dan, Abram.

If I had to guess- the names fit with the role they'll play... but these things are never predictable and we know this. Ty and Emily's team seems to have the most strong personalities. It also has a few "pairs." As much as people like Emilee and Derek might be pushovers, I think Ty, Johnny, Eric, and Derrick will make up for it.

I gotta be honest- A lot of this cast I don't know. I miss seeing some of the typical vets in the cast bios. I have a lot of catching up to do considering I don't always keep up with the Challenges, but don't worry... I'll be ready for October 6.

Here's who I am excited for, besides EmTy of course.

For some reason, Sarah has really grown on me. I like who she is and I like how she plays the game. I've also always been a big fan of how Brad does things, and now that I know Derrick is a grown ass man with a family in WV, I have to root for him!
JD and Derek are my total gay besties... or so I wish. JD was really cool when I met him in DC, and he seems like he could be a silent threat. Derek is just cute and funny.
Melinda is also someone who seems to be a quieter threat. Who knows how "quiet" she'll be, but she's a decently strong competitor.
Katie is like a wild card. You never know how she's going to act when a new challenge rolls around. After watching the teaser when she "gets her ass kicked," I laughed and got pumped.
And okay, okay... I'll admit it... I picked Vinny and Brandon solely for their looks... so what?!

There's really no predicting how things will go down besides what I've been told, so stay tuned for chat nights and maybe some other "what I think" posts once the show gets started! In the meantime, watch some of the teaser videos if you haven't yet!

The challenges look EFFING NUTS. Seriously. I would never, ever be able to do any of that I don't think. No way, no how.

BTW- Anyone think the "HE HIT A GIRL" might be about Ty? Goodness, I really hope not.



Anonymous said...

Sorry Ty was eliminated last night :( but that dude is an arrogant punk and I was glad to see him loose to Brandon.

elizabethany said...

haha, I'm not too sorry. As much as it sucks to see Ty act the way he is, I can't pretend like he's not a dbag on this challenge. He got what he wanted, I guess. YAY BRANDON!