Monday, August 16, 2010

meet degrassi's transgender character: adam

I watched Degrassi for a few years, once they were the new cast, but before all these super new kids were hitting the scene. Once JT was dead, it faded out for me.

They're continuing to step their game up and put real-life issues in teen's faces. The latest: a transgender.

Sure, it's been done on TV before... but has it been done on a show directed towards teens?! I don't think so. It's real life and it's something I think should be taught at a young age, so I am super glad someone's taking the reins with this one.

Meet Adam:

I really think I'll catch a few episodes just to see what he's all about. Jordan seems pretty cool, I hope she rocks out with this role.

Keep it up, Degrassi. After 30 years on TV, you still got it!


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