Monday, July 19, 2010

listen: 8 questions and more with fefe dobson

Challenge 5 [woah... Can't believe we're at the end already!] for MTV TJ was to interview a celebrity of their choosing and report on the interview.

I got FeFe Dobson!

You may remember her from back in 2003 or so with songs like "Take Me Away" and "Bye Bye Boyfriend," but she's back now and seemingly stronger than ever!

I'm totally diggin' her latest song "Ghost!" It's all about getting back at your boyfriend after he cheats on you. Think "Before He Cheats," but a bit less Country and a little more Rock N Pop.

Check out the bad ass video:

She looks hott, her sound is definitely worth some time on the radio, and as much as you want to say it: Don't compare her to Rihanna. She's a girl of her own breed.

I'm really excited about her return! Though she's been doing her fair share of writing and recording, I think she could be releasing some serious hits again in the next couple months.

All that being said, I decided to stick with my usual style of interviewing people. Ask a couple of the music-related questions, then hit the "8 Easy Questions with Elizabethany" segment to get to know more about who Fefe is and what she likes.

She seems cool and definitely seems to be working hard/non-stop! 10 minutes went by so quickly! I had so much more I wanted to ask, but a busy girl's gotta get on her way!

Let's hope I'll be interviewing her again in New York someday... in person! ;)


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