Monday, June 28, 2010

because you want to know: chris brown's mj tribute

I've been pretty outspoken about this Chris Brown[/Rihanna] thing since the beginning. It's created quite the controversy and I can only imagine how many people I may piss off now that I'm in a conservative state.

Anyway- I don't have to explain what I thought then. You can look it up if you're interested. :)

What we shall talk about is the absolutely amazing tribute Chris did for Michael Jackson at the BET Awards last night. If you somehow missed it, watch it now-

I think it was extraordinary. [Woo! There's a new word for me!] Chris is about as close as you're going to get [minus the little 4 year old Asian boy] to dancing like Mike, and he's clearly got the passion.

A lot of people are saying they think he faked the breakdown. That's dumb. You can't fake a breakdown that serious. That's genuine. That's him feeling something and relating to MJ and mourning his death. He was actually about to sing, not lip sync, but he couldn't. It was a magical moment. You can't fake that kind of magic.

I think Chris may have felt a connection with Michael Jackson that I've noticed between the two. [Here is where people are going to get mad.]

MJ's family have been trying to get it through everyone's heads how wrong it is that the world as a whole didn't show him the kind of respect he deserved while he was alive because of the "child molester" reputation he got. He got a bad rap and people wouldn't look past it.

Rumors circulated and "proof" was given that he was doing bad things to kids, and suddenly the world turned on the King of Pop. His music stopped having the same effect on many people. They started saying his lyrics were fake. This all happened even though no one truly knows what did or didn't happen. He was even acquitted, but the image remained.

Does this sound familiar to you? Chris Brown may or may not have been 100% at fault for the Rihanna incident. We don't know what happened. Only the two of them know the full story. Either way, Chris is taking the blame, doing community service, and watching his career fade into the sunset.

Sure, Chris Brown probably won't be some legendary King of R&B or anything... And yes, the bruises prove that something happened. Either way- He's an incredible artist, dancer, entertainer, and person. He still has a lot to share with the world, but many people want him gone.

It's not fair that people judged Michael Jackson on things that might have happened and now he'll never really know how appreciated he was. I think Chris sees this. He hears the Jackson family. He feels their pain and he fears it'll happen to him.

I could be making this up, but I don't think I'm too far off. I think it's time to let go of what happened in the past and let these people make music that we all know we still love, regardless of who they are.

/sermon. Cue the arguments.



Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more.. speaking as a MJ fan since 1987 (since birth) its way overdue that someone showed their grief in a performance and wasnt afraid to "go there". The accusations of it being fake are just redonkulous! Chris has been off the hook for a while, in my book, but now Im willing to say he deserves some new fans not just his old ones back.

signing off,

Anonymous said...

But MJ didn't have anything this publicized or even found against him.

Tara said...

All this may be true about the breakdown but at the end of the day I cannot support an abusive man and a child raping singer. I like their music. I have mj and chris brown on my iphone but I won't say they deserve fans because of their personal life actions. Public life is different than normal people. Your reputation is your life blood. Like your quest for the TJ spot . if you had a million followers on twitter and tweeted hundreds of times a day BUT you had a history of physically abusing your sig. other you wouldn't be in the running.

On a side note; I am happy for your recent successes and hope they go well for you(even if you don't get the TJ spot I hope this helps your career with the exposure). Maybe Hot 99.5 will have an opening and we could get you back here on our radio waves.