Monday, May 3, 2010

watch eTV: my second time on jumping stilts

This is definitely going to be an ongoing "segment" or whatever... Until I become the best jumping stilts'er in all the land!

I tried it again, and well.... You can watch to see how "good" it went...

My dad also decided to try them because that's what he does. He tries new things, and he becomes a pro at them within 5 minutes.

Great. My dad is already better than me. Freakin' fabulous.

I decided to make a rule that he was too heavy for them so that he can't surpass me too much... Cheating?! Nahhh...

Plus! I never had any help! Not once! So HE totally cheated by using Mama Ploger! Right?! Right! Okay. Glad that's settled.


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