Wednesday, April 28, 2010

on the racks: sandra bullock does people

Besides the Bucks mascot being my new hero, I've found another one today, too. She's this week's cover of People Magazine.

Yes. Sandra Bullock... Who has apparently adopted a baby boy this year!

The story: She went to People Magazine herself to tell her story and share the news that A) She is now a single mother of a baby boy named Louis, and B) She's officially filing for divorce.

Everyone in the industry is shocked by this, BTW. It's gotta be the best kept secret in Hollywood in a while. She had this baby during all of her Oscar hype, but didn't want it to come out until it all died down!

She's incredibly strong. They say she's not angry or hating Jessie, and that they're actually hoping to be friend, and that she's been leaning on little Louis and her friends but is in a really good place.

All of this has absolutely catapulted her into a stardom she didn't have before, in good and bad ways, and I'm so glad. She's definitely someone we should all look up to. [It's also perfect that she's the cover for the special Double Issue of World's Most Beautiful People!]

Yay for Sandra!


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