Monday, March 15, 2010

watch eTV: shamrockfest 2010 at rfk, from my eyes

As many of you know, though I've lived right outside of DC since I was born, I never really stepped foot into the city [unless I was going on a school field trip or to see the chimps at the zoo] until about two years ago when I had my internships.

Therefor, I never experienced the things DC loves. AKA things like Shamrockfest.

Last year everyone from HOT 99.5 kept telling me to come home for it but I had no interest in doing so.

This year I decided to stop being stupid, gather up some friends, find some ponchos, and head down to RFK Stadium in the rain with some 30,000 other people and get hammered drunk have some good ol' fashioned Irish fun.

Here's what the day, which was full of ridiculousness just as I imagined it would be, was like from my perspective... With the help of lots of equally drunk people.

For the record: I'm mad I missed LMFAO. I'm mad they were first on the schedule of events. I loved the HOT 99.5 tent and its ridiculous dance parties. I loved Mr. Greengenes. I hated paying 20 dollars for 3 beers.

I'd like to say thank you to all of the random people who were fun enough to yell into my camera without asking any questions.
To the guys who obnoxiously made fun of me after doing it saying "OMGGG FACEBOOKKK MEEEE"- Facebook videos are so 2008. This is on love, elizabethany, a-holes! ;)

If you have any Shamrockfest pictures, videos, stories- Share them below! I love storytime! I'll probably add some pictures of my own soon...


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