Tuesday, March 9, 2010

on the racks: taylor swift does elle

Last month must have been a pretty lame month in the magazine world, because I feel like it's been forever since I've talked about some cover girls!

Anyway, this chic is nothing new to the eyes... Not until the unfamiliar look on the inside pages..

She's Taylor Swift, and she's on the cover of April's Elle Magazine.

Yeah, I know... What's worth sharing about that cover, right?! It's definitely the same cover I've seen on a million other magazines.

What's different is her straight hair on the inside!

No wonder she never straightens her hair, no matter what. It looks terrible. Either that, or Elle did a really bad job styling her.

Also: Did they make her eyebrows thicker?! Ummm... If this is a new "trend," I'd rather not know about it.

What do you think, though?! Good or bad look for TayTay?!

Not a fan. As usual. Sorry. Kinda.


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